Hey everyone!
It’s been one heck of a ride so far, and ETH governance is just getting started.
Below you’ll find a short re-cap of what happened so far, and the roadmap going forward.

The Good Stuff

EGL Genesis had exceeded our expectations, and ~11,000 ETH had been staked by Genesis participants…

TL;DR: The second and third voting epochs closed. With measured up/down voting again, the community opted to nudge the gas limit up slightly in both epochs and stakers took home over 18M EGLs in rewards each week.

With the close of Epoch 2, the new desired gas limit was set…

EGL’s design was conceived for it to be fully functional on Day 1 and to allow the community to immediately control and govern the system. At launch EGL holders can vote on their desired gas limit and miners can follow the vote. …

The Ethereum Gas Limit Project (EGL) is using the Balancer Protocol in a novel way.

TL;DR: EGL is cleverly using the Balancer Protocol to launch EGL with value. Showing EGL has value kickstarts EGL’s flywheel and is the missing key to incentivize miners to listen to EGL holder’s desired Ethereum gas limit (block size).

What is EGL?

The Ethereum Eagle Limit (EGL) lets anyone in ETH influence the…

TL;DR — EGL lets you influence an important parameter in ETH 1.x — the gas limit. This has value for all DAOs and their users.

Don’t let this happen to you! EGL is pushing forward building in a decentralized ecosystem.

Why the gas limit matters for protocols

The success of protocols depends on the degree to which they are used, which in turn depends on a healthy ETH network. What’s a major…

TL;DR: CoinList will offer access to EGL’s Genesis and staking services.

We are extremely excited to announce that CoinList will be offering its customers access to participate in EGL’s Genesis event, providing an access point to Genesis and staking services for the community. …

Genesis opens Aug 7th at ~1pm EST! It will end when 100,000 ETH has been staked or by August 13th.

EGL is an on-chain coordination token that allows the ETH ecosystem to signal its collaborative desire (under the guidance of the core devs) and incentivizes mining pools to follow it…


The Ethereum Gas Limit (EGL) project passes control over the gas limit ("blocksize") back to the community.

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